Lua comes with its own tutorial, written in Lua.


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    Html too, what's to brag about?
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    @jschmold you mean _G?

    _G is a table of all global functions and you're overriding it with an empty table, what's so magical about that
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    @elgamine It was very impressive to have the installer launch a 50-ish part command-line tutorial after installing. I loved it.
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    @jschmold I actually like the _G, it's really handy when you need to call a function using it's string name. I wonder if other languages have that
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    @jschmold I'm not a big fan of it actually, but I use it for MTA scripts
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    @jschmold Are you a builder or do you play other gamemodes
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    @jschmold Yeah I haven't played it in a while either but I have about 1700 hours on it. Used to build a lot of ACF and E2 stuff
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    @jschmold Same here, used to fix bugs when I knew fuck all about programming. Add me on steam, un "NotQuiteMelvin"
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