Financial advice on linkedin

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    The next 50 years? Screw that. 10 mil now. Put about 70% in a savings account. Get an extra 10 thou per month and enjoy having the freedom to work part-time jobs, focus on hobbies and such.

    Get a sizeable retirement fund in the process.
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    Correct answer to Jack Raines: Here are my banking details, you can start the payments right now.

    Most likely, it would instaprove him a liar.
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    Let's all send private message to Jack Raines and ask for 10.000$ weekly from him.
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    He did say most entertaining account on linkedin…
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    @daniel-wu or send a message to him saying his mom offered 20K per week.
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    Anyone who turns down a free $10,000,000 on the grounds that it might make them think a certain way ('Whoa, things are happening to my brain!') is never going to succeed financially, socially or in any other way.
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    Where does this Money come from? I mean Money can be:

    - Created from thin air. But then there is no net gain for humanity. More or less the opposite. It makes people poorer who own money in the same currency.

    - Collected by tax. That also makes people poorer.

    - Someone gives it to you. That makes him poorer.

    - Someone steels it for you. This also makes people poorer.

    In the end. There is nothing we could gain from "free" money.
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    Sigma grindset be like
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    What a cringefest 🤮
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    @ostream I hope you don't bet much...
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    I’d invest, get passive income, and finally stop working for some woke Cali assholes’ dreams.

    It wouldn’t make me “soft” or “roll over.” It would allow me to work on projects I truly want to, and therefore would do really fucking well.

    Right now all i can ever manage is to get through the day, and then through the week. I have nothing left. (And the weekend is for trying to get enough done to allow us to get through another week.) There’s no progress, just survival. It’s miserable.
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    @Root I read "woke Cali assholes’" as "woke casseroles" the first time. Is it dinner yet?
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