Visual studio weirds me out... Git a new project idea, set up my local git repository via command line, just because I want to have it done the hard way for once, and initialized my visual studio project in the repo. I happily start coding and commiting until I noticed some symbols next to the files (never used visual studio for anything else than small homework assignments, which didn't need version control). I look for information about them and find out it is the preinstalles git plug-in. "Nice feature, but I want to use the command line this time", I thought. Still i looked a little bit more into the plug-in, open the team view window and realize it says "nothing to commit" and "all files are staged". I start to wonder if it just auto-commits everything. I commit manually once more and see that it commited all changes since my last manual commit. So everything is fine. But at this point I'm too weirded out, because I had a hard time finding the settings and windows that belong to the version control plug-in... Now I'm installing gcc and will probably continue coding in notepad++...

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