Yo, to the cuntbag asshat who stole the cord connecting my monitor to my computer at work! Fuck you! I hope you go blind!

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    But that means you stole his retina
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    @sam9669 Sounds like a fair trade to me
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    @owithg Ohh then try adrenaline gland, best one ever .... he will be sluggish for life
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    @owithg maybe he's trying to harvest the gold in the HDMI cable lol
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    @bendr lol I don't think there's enough gold in HDMI cables I think it's like maybe 0.001% or just gold plated lol
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    @bendr Oh That's cool!, I want to do the same eventually but as an indie VR game developer and possibly just all round game developer. Also an Aussie! Just over the ditch from you lol
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    @bendr yup it's slowly coming together or at least to an alpha play testing phase lol

    Since VR is such a new area for me (like majority of game development) it's taken a little time to work through the issues but it's on its way!

    I was supposed to make a new video of some gameplay but been a little preoccupied lol
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    @bendr 26 about to be jobless (in less than 2 weeks) to work on my portfolio and find a job that has a development team environment.

    This company is going to work me into the ground with their app ideas and being the only person here is just not that great, oh did I mention they're paying minimum wage LOL.
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    @bendr yeah well I stayed here for a year (just to have that on my CV and actual finish the work I'm doing) at minimum wage with a long commute to/from home that costs a lot :/

    After finishing both apps I get told congrats... So we need you to start on this app... Which not going to happen lol

    I'm waiting for my resignation time to finish so I can just focus more on Android game development and VR game development.

    CEO just bought himself a new Jeep and the general manager got one too, not sure why because they're Holden Commodore SV6's were absolutely fine :/
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    @bendr yeah I know what you mean, that sucks, still though you have your own startup which is awesome! I think if I wasn't still living at home I'd barely survive :/

    Anywho just gotta stay positive lol

    Might have to do the whole part time job thing while working on my projects I don't want to burden my parents too much :/
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    I can related. Same thing happened to me ysterday
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