Spend 2 hours migrating my old NASs ubuntu zfs pool to the new freeBSD NAS, which has new fancy stuff like a crossflashed raid card new hyper efficient psu and so on. Sadly, the pool just wont import, many drives are missing. I debug. For hours. Trying to test cables. Interesting. No matter which SATA cables i switch, this one drive always starts... Hm... Must be the controller then. Maybe the controller doesnt spin up the other disks, because i removed the boot rom! That must be it! Wait... Why is this cable lying in here... Wait, this is the power cable attached to all missing driv ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I WASTED SO MUCH FUCKING TIME ON THIS SHIT HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!

Unfortunately, one power cable become loose (i dont know how, these cables have plastic thingies to prevent this...), but it works now. And its better than before.

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