What if we have a AI that will build code what ever we say?
Is it be a new concept or new programming , it would so easy to build any software.

Maybe in a future some one will do this I hope.

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    Been thought of the issues are explaining what specifically you want

    Or how specific you need to be then combining that with a speech translator

    It's doable but to explain to a pc to write a complex algorithm that doesn't have coding errors would be astonishing

    I would say in high level languages it just would be easier to write it but if your writing simple js .... it could work nicely
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    You would instruct this AI with clear definitions of what your program should do. How would it be any different from using Prolog or LISP today?
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    I just built one for c++, it has a "input" page where you check out the boxes for the type of program you want and it makes it.
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