Some dude in my university used Squarespace to make a webstore, presented it as his final exam in Web developement and passed with flying colors.
They didn't even look up the code or anything, just gave him max score and that's it. I hate my school...

Edit: a friend just told me that the guy didn't even made the site. He paid someone else to do it.
I honestly don't know what makes me more sad

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    If someone is going to cheat and use a drag and drop platform to create a website for a university exam,he/she should have a little bit of shame to at least do it themselves.i mean come on how hard is dragging and dropping a damn piece of text.that said.if the university accepted that they are more to blame
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    The only person they are fooling is themselves.
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    @zmzmuazzam98 @TheDevil
    I mean I'm not even judging the guy (well I am but for not doing it himself) but I mean come on, how can I take the university seriously when they let shit like that slide (not just slide but almost praised)
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    Sounds like management potential to me!
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    It'll catch up to the person in the real world of work. When you starting working after you get a job no one cares about how high your marks were in uni but they will remember the quality of your work
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    Oh lawd..............
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    @rewert I am more interested to know that did you sit in the same exam ? And if yes then what did you build ???
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    @eatPrayCode I did not. It's the "graduation project" you can submit it whenever you want before graduation. I didn't do mine yet, cause I'm a lazy piece of shit and I always wait for the last moment for the panic to kick in :p
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    @rewert Ah, yes. The helpful PanicMonster. If you haven't seen this TED talk about procrastination you'll crack up when you realize how accurate it is. https://m.youtube.com/watch/...
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    @wax911 Not really. If I take a look at some pieces of software we have to use at work, that's exactly the kind of person who wrote that.
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    @enen My teachers want to do the same, but they can't because of budget costs, so they just look at functionality.
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    You should laugh not be sad, they will all get fucked in real life, how the hell could he cheat in real life!!
    I'm graduated since years, I see now how all those cheaters are getting fucked.
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    Guys stop being artists. No one will pay you for creating a website. They will pay you ether because it's an advertising method (customer) or they will sell it (boss). It's all about the market not ego. If you were paid $1M for a wix site you would create it.
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    @rewert never underestimate the motivational power of panic. It has been my primary inspiration over the years.
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