Fun fact:

The SENIOR backend developer at the company I used to (as of today) work has a degree in economics and business and his only experience has been a trainee position.

No more startups please.... Seriously.... Just.... Don't... No... 😰😰😰😵😵

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    Seems to me this actually is a sarcastic !rant. Also, it appears ypu just had bad luck on this start-up. Good luck to you!
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    @NeatNerdPrime starting at a normal company on the 17th ;)
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    I have worked with a few people who have become developers after transferring from another career, and quite often they are better than the devs who have computing degrees.
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    I've found it to be much more common to encounter technical people who were promoted to management but are terrible with people. I've had many bosses like that.

    ...and you don't need to work for a startup to see that.
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    I am a biotech graduate and have MBA degrees in Marketing, Finance and IT. I have been coding professionally for last 7 years. Nobody complaint about my coding skill till now 😉😎

    PS: I used to own a startup too.
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