So after that what are your thoughts on the oneplus 5?
I think I'm kind of disappointed

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    From what i have seen it is going to be a beast, i loved the new camera, dash charge, smooth experience etc.
    The price was right for what it offered but i cant afford it anytime soon so...
    Anyone who is going to buy it is going to be a lucky person
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    I would buy one but their support is infamous for being bad. Also if I recall correctly they didn't bring the newest Android update to their last phone despite promising it.
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    @Makenshi nah that was OnePlus 2, they stopped updates and people got pissed. Honestly though updates are updates for me if they happen they happen, otherwise just time to buy a new phone.

    I got my OnePlus 3 last year and I'll probably stick with it for maybe another year or so.
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    Using a oneplus 2, would like to have the 5 if it had a 4000mAh battery. It's a nice phone for that price especially and full HD is mostly all a phone of that size will ever need.
    Sadly the updates these phones get, are only a few :(.
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