that moment of pride when you can't find your error in google or SO..and at the same tym, the sense of realisation that you will have to figure out the solution yourself

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    Welcome to devrant!
    and it is not pride, it is usualy something dumb, or subtle.
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    @magicmirror, i eventually found out that it was really dumb, cleaned npm cache and it fixed the issue :/
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    Or, uh, you could use SO to ask a question, y'know.
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    @hitchhiker42 welcome to devrant!
    FYI, SO is for answers these days, not queations.
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    moreover if you get such an opportunity, it wud b a waste to just post the question on SO, therez no fun in that..u r a real developer wen u fight it out to find out the solution urself..!!!
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    @magicMirror thanks! I've asked one or two questions on SO before. Like questions that didn't get shot down. Happiest days off my life
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