Why the fuck is my git slower than a lobotomized snail when running a fetch operation on like 30 remotes?!?!

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    Because 30 remotes?
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    @Lensflare I don't actually know if this is the correct answer. I just upvoted it because the shortness of it seemed snarky.
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    Did you commit node_modules again??
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    Why 30 remotes? 😨
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    @vintprox We have a main project that gets adjusted to a customer's needs. So every customer has their own repo. Pushing changes from main to every customer requires this many remotes. And 30 is just a fraction of what is out there.
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    @galena wouldn’t it make more sense if those customers used that main project as a library and just pulled the changes regularly? Or as a submodule.
    30 remotes sounds insane.
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    @Lensflare Thing is, its a bare metal project. We also make all the changes to it. Customer never sees a line of code. Libraries and submodules are out of question. The part of the dev team doing the configuration never sees any of this. They just have their project they work on for some time and are done with it. I mainly cherry pick all important changes to older projects. Thats what the remotes are for.
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    @galena can't you configure mirroring from a specific branch in the main repo to a specific remote repo?
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