Just had a big breakthrough on my personal project, solved a problem I've been working on and off on for the past year or two.

Feels good man! No other way I'd want to be spending my Friday night :)

Anyone else get that good feeling from solving a hard problem you're stuck on?

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    I'm also mostly off in a hobby project, a chess engine written in C, a year ago I added new features that in the end I have to do a lot more others modifications, so I've been thinking to do those modifications
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    @operand that's cool. Did you see the chess rand kiki posted recently? C programming is so much fun. I wrote my own webdav server in it.

    @YADU what is your project?
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    @retoor Leela Chess Zero is an open source neural network based chess engine since 2018 written in C++ and runs better on GPU, it was top chess program in that time but has no improved, it has been stuck for long time and even people can help contribute donating GPU power: https://lczero.org/

    The top chess engine in Stockfish also open source written in C++ that since 2020(?) is using a NN type but instead of GPU it uses CPU, these engines are battling right now in the finals here: https://tcec-chess.com/
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