Thought that it might be a good idea to ask this question here.

Im looking for a nice logging events service for a side project that is a b2b (so my clients got their own users). My targets are tracking users behavior/events/actions in the app while been able to shred the data that belongs to each customer. A great benefit would be having a solution that would allow me to export part of the data (in sql like way) so i could provide the users the option to download their users data as well.

Was thinking about mixpanel but i dont think they have any option to export the data via api. Heap analytics is also an interesting one, but their nice features are limited to corporates..

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    I can't offer much help as I'm just diving into it but have you considered the ELK stack? Elasticsearch for persistence, Logstash for logging and parsing logs to Elasticsearch and Kibana for visualisation of the data. Slowly rebuilding our statistics reporting module to utilise it and very impressed so far.
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    Was hoping to use an external service as i don't think im requiring anything special. Not really worth the time in a side project. But if there is nothing, i will just create the solution and hopefully open source it @StyxOfDynamite
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    @boom Just spin up a ELK stack on a VPS and get started mate, it's pretty straight forward.
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    The infastructure is easy to set up. The problem is that you need to create an application (api at least) for customers. Bit overhead for just wanting to record some user actions and been able to export them @StyxOfDynamite
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