*Presents finished product to client
Client: We won't pay until you add this new feature that was never in the original specs.
*One week later after adding new feature
Client: Uhh, actually there's something else we want, do that then you get paid.


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    I've never had to work for clients in that way, but, if their original request was in writing and you fulfilled that the first time, I'd tell them to bugger off... Perhaps even sue them if the money and time was substantial.
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    Time to sue.
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    I read that a lot.

    Are your customers breaking their contracts or are the contracts just disadvantageous?
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    @CWins I just joined the company recently but I heard it has been like this for a while
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    @mr-monkey I request between 25 and 50% before i start to work on the project.
    If he wont pay i just say pay more or u dont get one byte of the code...
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    Why not be upfront with the client and say it was not in the orginal specs ?( just curious)
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    "Fuck you, pay me"
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    Yeah, happened to me, too. It's a problem with manglement tbh and will set a bad precedent for any future work they'll have you do for that client. Expect more of the same.
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