How the actual fuck are we expected to know this many languages / frameworks / libraries for a web dev interview? This shit is RIDICULOUS. No one can honestly say they're half proficient at any of this stuff if they have to know ALL of it. Is this the only way to get a job these days? This sucks balls! 

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    I think you are losing the plot. It's not necessary to know very little things. You just have to know which is used when . Start from there and everything connects like how our earth connects or how Google maps work.

    Different frameworks (cities) but similar functions with *importance on a specific thing* and different languages(houses) but again same shit but importance in *what* . You just need to know what they have in different than what are common. It gets easy if you go like that. Hope this helps. Also I don't think I need to explain about HTML (bricks).. different type of bricks and CSS(paint) and JS (wiring ) see...it gets easy to remember when you order it like this.
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    @crashhacker If it's not on Stack Overflow it doesn't exist. 😋
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    @paralegalseagul ayyy but seriously can you believe that I asked for a one line bash command help using ffmpeg and most of them suggested me to use some obscure unsupported package because it "works" better for this problem.

    Don't even get me started on duplicate question tagging and removing the question. Fuck them.
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    @crashhacker Just cuz it works doesn't mean you should use it. Haha. You're right about duplicate question tagging. They are so critical about it. Instead of closing the question, symlink it to the answer.
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    My theory of the job market is specialize. A mile wide and an inch deep is not as useful as going deep. If you become an expert in a few things you can find employers who want experts in that. Consider, a machine learning specialist might not know the first thing about majority of frameworks, but that doesn't matter for the job that individual is doing.
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    @jwmorse couldn't agree more, I specialise in hardware/web integrations, kind of niche but it works way better than advertising myself as a general web developer
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