Not installing Facebook & messenger on my new phone:"What a relief:)"

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    Will save you so much battery!
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    Removing Faceboo kfrom my phone has been great, but there is no better chat service than messenger. And by better I mean battery eating, waist of space, 2% useful functionality that my friends have.
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    Once upon a time, during my HTC Desire days, facebook app failed to update. It turned out that between updates, the app had DOUBLED its size, and required more free memory than my phone had available. I uninstalled it altogether, and I have never looked back since. :-)
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    The spykraken on the facebook app is ripping off your battery.

    Never had a better feeling than removing that data hungry bitch from my phone. Even disabled GPS so these fuckers dont drain my battery, just to know where I am.

    Im sure Google is recording while you're fapping with your phone 😂
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