Who the fuck uses http code 200 for a failure. Seriously have you ever heard something about a need to parse the shit you're returning...

Now I don't know whether it's me who's wrong, but man there are more than 80 different codes defined so there really should be something for you, don't you think?

And don't give me shit like "well the request worked so we return 200 it's only that the request wasn't correct". What for a fucking peace of something are you... Those codes are for that exact reason.

Anyways I'm going to parse the shit with string compare and afterwards kill myself out of shame. Whish me luck...

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    A beautiful interface has a beautiful request and response structure just like that beautiful next door girl. A response code is like a state of the object the server has, how fuck can the client understand this. This is shit load of stuff man to parse.

    So buddy fuckin shit that response code dump your parsing and ask the moron why 200 for everything.
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    @eatPrayCode I would really like to just dump it. Unfortunately I'm creating a program for a client who wants a specific device with that cgi to be integrated. So no contact to the company who made it and even if there were, they would only release a patch and I find myself integrating both versions -.-
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    Basically every soap service ever. Annoying. Even more annoying: returning a 404, and an 'error' : 'not found' and having the consuming engineer parse the response to see if it was an error.
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    @gudishvibes congratulations, you made me loose hope for humanity once again...
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    @pain there surely is a company, team, or person who does know how to use crap right,

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