So I do web development and video editing.. i am also a Linux user but I want a change. could someone suggest a distro with decent support and also a desktop environment with a very clean flat ui?

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    I think KDE Neon and Elementary OS have the cleanest appearances
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    @samwir thank you. I have heard good things abt elementary I might give it a try with custom icon set but I don't know it it will be too resource intensive to do motion graphics rendering on a lower went computer
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    Your desktop environment depends on your personal requirements do you want a | stacking | tiling | dynamic | Window manager it could be you wont need a DE at all

    Read about WM here:

    For your Desktop Enviroment
    | gtk3 | qt5 | for the base apps of your DE
    Do you want to run X11 or Wayland (wayland is stable now)

    Read About DE Here:

    Wayland X11 Watch Here:
    Daniel Stone dev on both x11 and wayland - linux conf 2013
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    For your Distro i'll advice manjaro

    Arch tends to, since they are full bleeding edge, crash your system at times. To the point where you can have constant kernel panics - which was my main reason for switching. Arch developers also tend to push out some big changes once in a while which is good - but can crash your system if you don't follow their instructions!

    Manjaro on the otherhand is leading edge > stable or bleeding edge > /unstable/testing, so you can pick and choose how stable you want your system to be. Since stability is what I want, but don't want to sacrifice access to the AUR + like pacman + want semi-new software, Manjaro fits my use case perfectly.

    The current release's of the team

    The current release's of the community
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    @Triskelion thank you I will check it out
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    Windows 10 !
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    @Microsoft hahahaha good one
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    @Microsoft @Triskelion I have always used x so I would prefer it
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    Start with the popular distros. IE Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Debian!let, etc. I landed on Ubuntu GNOME myself (which will soon be mainstream Ubuntu).
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    Windows 8.0 > any os
    Tiles FTW!!!
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    True my point was aimed at the tiles only in 8.0. they removed the start button
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