Client - "hi, I got the mail. Is the app complete.......","...you've done this part?....","...have you done that blabla section..."

😑..I already wrote it in the mail that it is complete, dumbass. And Why don't u just flipping RUN it and see if this part and that section is working properly and tell me if your highness can spot something incomplete.

No I'm not overreacting. He acts like this all the time.

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    You're the proffessional, the client is the client.

    They only care about the quality of what they're buying. They likely have a lot riding on this.

    They may not be able to use the deliverable that you've designed and stared at as long as you have.

    And most importantly, they pay you. You need to approach this as a customer service exercise. If the client not "being dumb" is more important to you than the bottom line, maybe consider your priorities. There are reasons to not work with clients - like unfriendly development environments/ridiculous release processes/messy technical debt left by other developers - but dumb emails/meetings is just part of the job.
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    @jschmold oh I understand what the app is for. I'm just saying this is reaching. I feel his pain though, I just learned to phase it out pretty quickly.
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