How can you call yourself a code if you live in a city and never experience the outdoors, trees, birds, life. I do it all the time and it gives me so many more ideas and concepts to include in my coding.
#include <outdoors.hpp>

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    Gotta start correcting my shit before I just post...
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    nobody calls himself a code.
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    Yeah, I usually figure that out when I type it into my IDE. @Artemix
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    Can you please give an actual example of how birds and trees enhanced your coding?

    I live in the Scottish highlands but frequently work in London, and I'm calling bullshit on this.
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    In literature for the most part writing in a passive form is usually frowned upon. Therefore, I took a more authoritative voice in this passage. Even though it had errors. It's true to me and always will be. It's an opinion. Everyone is subject to having there own opinion. @GigaMick
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