So what is rubber duck debugging?

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    Rubberduck debugging is a broad term for a method that involves an object or imaginative entity to explain the things you are doing to.
    For most people it's a lot easier to explain their code to an inanimate object like a rubberduck for instance on order to see their code and / or abstract logic through a different lens.

    Most of the time the mistake / bug can be found while trying to explain your own code or trying to make someone / something else understand it.

    Thus people began using mostly rubberducks to teach them their code in order to see their own mistakes.

    So that's what Rubberduck debugging is.
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    @R5on11c let's analyse your comment.

    Paragraph 1: I accept that all we are trying to get is to get a different perspective and I think I kind of said the same. And it doesn't have to be "inanimate object". Even a person with no programming knowledge will suffice. The whole point is teaching what you did to someone/something.

    Paragraph 2 and 3: I already said that.

    Anyways thanks for the effort in putting the words in a different way.
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