Trying to install .NET Framwork 3.5 and this message comes up *headdesk*


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    @shiv379 What you are trying to install is the Service Pack for .NET 3.5 and not the framework itself. So what Windows prompted you to do is to install .NET 3.5 from Windows features.
    These can also be found at: Control Panel > Programs > Programs & Features > Turn Windows Features on & off (that's on the sidebar on the left). Therefore, it's not a recursive installation. 🙂
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    @Artemix Care to elaborate a bit? I haven't had any issues with programs I have installed on my computers so far...
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    @Artemix So from what I understand you're saying is that there should be just an MS Visual C++ Redistributable installation on a system for things to work?
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    @Artemix I see... I thought Qt framework was used for cross-platform development...
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    Oh that .net 2.0 and 3.0 errors.
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    @Qaldim Thanks for the tip there! I've been working at it and getting no further, no matter what I try I keep getting the "could not find required files" error. Weirdly even when running the install for '.NET Framework 3.5 full package' downloaded from https://microsoft.com/en-us/... I still get the window from the original screenshot pop up, and the unable to download issue! I feel like I'm stuck in a recursive loop of hell!
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    @Paramite You sir, are a true legend. That worked perfectly thanks! ++
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