Any Wordpress site

1. Open source
2. Kill it with fire
3. Deep format the drive

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    I was also keep saying this, but then i really realized that every platform has its own use:

    1. Wordpress: if I'm very lazy and wanna something fast, I can find whatever i want without developing it due to it's large community, on the other hand very bad code base and unnecessarily complicated.

    2. Joomla: If i wanna develop with and write my own extensions.

    3. Drupal: for huge nested lists and big site.

    As exactly of OSs:

    1. Linux with servers of course and everyday life use.
    2. Mac If I'm too lazy or narrowed by time and wanna buy full complete setup with good stability.
    3. Windows middle in between and when i wanna play.

    So everything is good when utilizing its own powerful side.
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