I've been doing Infra as Code for the last 8 months. I enjoyed it

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    What tools are you using? I'm using Terraform, and map state changes with Terrafrom visual (https://hieven.github.io/terraform-...)

    Any tools you recommend?
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    @gitpush mostly CDKs. Tried cdktf and currently using pulumi. The latter seems nice, but ask me again in 1yr, I might change idea
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    @dmonkey Any difference you found between terraform and pulumi?
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    @gitpush Well, I still need to dive into them, so don't take my words as an actual comparison.

    Pulumi seems a bit "cleaner" than terraform, but with the latter I've been able to make some interesting stuff that wouldn't be possible in pulumi due to the fact that you can't specify the name of the state file: with tf I could build a clone of the whole infrastructure on every pull request made on github just by adding the PR number in the state file name. Pretty cool if you work in some serverless hell (which I'm not sure is a good idea at all to this day).

    This is the only critical difference I noticed between the two.

    Also, since Pulumi is a CDK, and it's based on regular programming languages, you can do stuff in your code other than describing the infrastructure. In terraform, if the language itself doesn't have a primitive for a specific task, you just can't do it. But there's CDKTF for that (which is still in development).
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    @dmonkey Thanks for the update I really appreciate it. My only concerns with such tools is what if Terraform introduced or depreciated something, how fast the CDK will be updated?

    I faced this issue several times in React Native that either a fix or a requirement is enforced and Facebook took some time before they were able to support it, one example was Android 64bit support deadline was getting closer and after huge efforts from Facebook's side they released it with so little time left to apply the fixes on our code
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    @gitpush I have no idea tbh
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    @dmonkey no worries, thanks for your help
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