Programmers nowadays have to...
… write 100%-covering unit tests;
… set up continuous integration, linters, hinters, style checkers, …;
… follow style guides for every language;
… meet impossible deadlines;
… meet impossible management/customer/end user expectations;
… read through terrible code others made;
… read through terrible documentation others made;
… make terrible documentation themselves;
… fight with the IDE;
… fight with the build tools;
… deal with unreproducible crash reports coming in from everywhere;
… debug code written at 2am (by themselves AND others);


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    Thankfully, someone came up with Doxygen to save our poor souls from bad documentation
    It's just that few use it.
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    Geniuses at the mercy of fools.
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    @AKCr you get my up vote for using sochen.amazing tool
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    @anekix All my root-folder CMakeLists.txt automatically search for doxygen. If it's found, they look for Dot from Graphviz. Then it configures a pre-made doxygen.in.conf into doxygen.conf in the build directory and adds a docs target to launch doxygen with the specified config. Also, if CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE equals DEVEL then they turn on the INTERNAL_DOCS option so one can view all the implementation docs too.
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    @DLMousey ☺
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    That sounds easy, can you do it in 2 hours?

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