That time you think you found your dream dev job...

But they really just needed a content entry person so the other dev could add 'senior' to his title and work on all the new fun projects, while you're stuck fixing IE7 bugs in his code from 3 years ago.

He used prototype instead of jQuery.

You try to tell them about responsive design, but they think everything needs a separate mobile version.

You spend half the day learning his custom functions to a cms he built 2 years ago, and he's in the process of rebuilding a new cms from the ground up, so you have to learn the new version too.

Was fired 3 days before my birthday, and didn't get my company gift, even though I contributed to every one else's gifts.

Fired 2 months before birth of my child so lost my insurance.

After my time there... They now build responsive, they now use jQuery for everything. I also showed them how to do IE testing with virtual box, instead of them using the secretary's computer.

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    why did you get fired tho? budget cuts?
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    So frustrating... But they don't deserve you.
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    I would contact a lawyer.. But that's just my two cents
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    It's been a few years.

    Fired for not finishing projects fast enough. The 3 main projects I worked on there, I was either waiting on content from client, or image/theme updates from designer. 2 of the projects were still unlaunched a year after I was gone.

    I had the IE bug fixes down in 15 minutes. I worked through lunches and an hour over daily(mostly to avoid traffic)

    1 client deployed a dev version of their site for testing, then wanted me to make changes on my copy, and email them line by line what changes to make on theirs.

    I collected unemployment, but never had I had those kinds of problems before. I've been with my current company nearly two years and we're all happy as shit.
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    Glad everything turned out well.
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    Been there buddy. Immediately after my rage quit / firing everything went Drupal and responsive to replace an aging proprietary CMS that the original developer never wrote comments for and ditched right before me and the junior, then turned senior developer quit.

    I freelanced for 5 years afterwards. See my other rants about how we got back at the VP for using spyware on us.
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    here in India they don't fire people who don't finish project, they fire people with this algo -
    empid = rand()
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