My second worst experience with legacy code:

JSP with inline java to create JavaScript which creates HTML on every fucking page load.

Luckily I leave that company too.

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    I don't know shit about JSP other than what it stands for and what it is, but doesn't that, you know, defeat the purpose of server side rendering?
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    I'm right there with you dude... I hate the way JSP is abused. Hopefully I don't have to deal with it for much longer.
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    You are right, but in defense of the system, it was build in a time where Ajax was not a thing.
    So it write session state variables from the JSP context into js.
    It was a multi iframe application, when you reload a given iframe you got the new state without reload the whole page.

    I think it is a classic legacy software problem.
    Today you got better tools but the old mess is still there and you have to support it.
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    @Ste-xx i see. In that case, i see it as more of being the best evil --it was beyond its time with partial page updates
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