They asked me if I could recommend any video streaming frameworks. I said no, but I could google around a little. I found one, sent it to them with a note that I hadn't used it but it seemed solid.

One afternoon, right before hometime, a month later and the day before go-live, I come in, to emails with _all_ the managers on it, demanding that I assist immediately. They'd finally tried testing it, and they had found an issue. No details.

I email back, asking for the actual issue they'd found - no response. I phone - that developer has now gone on leave for week, there's a new dev who'll help me. I email him, asking for "precise technical details" of what had gone wrong.

He replies, "when you try use it, it literally causes the apocalypse." and goes silent. I check the skies, no visible apocalypse yet.

Based on some keywords they'd mentioned, I google and find a known issue as well as a patch for their version. I email it over to them.

The response? "If I'd known he was just going to Google it, I would have tried that myself."

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    So why didn't they do it?
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    @juzles I wish I knew - their first reaction to an issue is to escalate, rather than investigate.
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    What a clueless peace of shit
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    This and life has taught me that we desperately need a yearly class from kindergarden up to and including doctorates called "How to google shit when you're stuck".
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    Don't bother answering, or delay as much as possible before doing thier work for them.
    Srsly - be as unhelpfull as you can. What you did has set you up to take the blame if anything went wrong, and for late night/weekend calls to "fix it".
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    @magicMirror This is in a big corporate, CTOs were already involved and yelling. Yeah, it happens all the time.
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    I hope they burn.
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    People are idiots.
    Customer: "Yes hello my pc isn't working, fuck you, your entire devision, your voice, cat, house, family and ancestors"
    IT Support:"Did you try to restart it?"
    C: "Do you think I am retarded?"
    IT: "No Sir, I am just kindly asking. So what are you seeing in front of you?"
    C: "A black fucking screen, you should know that smartass"
    IT: "It's obviously off then, try pressing- "
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    @viat you have more then one CTO? that is the problem right there.
    It is a "who has the biggest dick" contest.
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    @magicMirror it's a bunch of companies operating under one parent company, kinda forced to get along.
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    This bugs me quite a bit. I work with people who do this. Whenever they can't get something to work first time or they see an error they immediately ask everyone around them with over the top humour when people ignore them they escalate it higher. This happens multiple times a day. Wouldn't mind if people try first!
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    @CogInTheWheel depends where you work. I would go nuts in a Database Environment.
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    Keep your calm and ignore things you did not develope first hand until you get a normal task in a sprint. If there is no task in my sprint for it, I ain't doing it, doesn't matter who is crying. There are too damn many jobs out there with the same paycheck to fix other people's fuckups.
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