For fuck sake, stop complaining about the number of js libs. There is just as many if not more c/c++/c#/java/python/ruby/php... libs.

Just because they are available on npm or github, it doesn't mean you have to fucking see/read/use it

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    Word up!
    Live and let live.
    tabs spaces/js frameworks/php is a programming language vs php isn't a real language/tdd no tests/git vs email/framwork or plain language.. because eventually you wont build a framework xD /left right/blue red/ white black/ jew muslim/ hilary trump/ usa russia/ assad militia it's all the same to me focus on what you prefer end let people prefer something else. I don't get the one shoe has to fit all mentality. just do you and fuck what everyone else does. people complain about everything, i'm complaining about complaining ironic isn't it. it's our wiring tribal mentality. Dont expect to much of people your not talking with face 2 face. in the end we all just talking monkeys with an internet connection :p
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