DevRant works in china! 👌🏼
Honestly though it's been quite fascinating watching the great firewall of china actively filter most things I try to do.

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    If I ever go to China, I will probably get TOR bridges before going there and set them up so I can access stuff...
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    Isn't it called the "Golden Shield" or something? Locals seem to disapprove of calling it the great firewall
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    @filthyranter so far everything I had setup is no good. Thought I'd read something about them blocking more and more stuff so that's a good idea!! Next time for sure. 😀
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    CIS region follows you closely
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    Hey which province are you from?? Me Zhejiang :D
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    @Kazumi I'm just visiting and I'm in Shenzhen. But I want to come
    Back and see more of this wonderful country at some point. 👍🏼
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    @badcopnodonuts fair enough, glad you liked it here! I wonder if there's any Chinese devs on devRant (I don't see a lot on Reddit either), or they are just too busy coding overnight : S
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