Wasted 2 hours of my life trying to make an actionbar display white text on a dark background after migrating the legacy code from ActionBarSherlock to the supportactionbar.

And guess what? That fucking actionbar still displays black text.
What. The. Fuck.

Giving up on this for today...

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    Or use Toolbar its way more powerful than the generic action bar
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    I'm working with a lot of legacy code, so just setting the style to darkactionbar didn't work for me. I tried many things, at the end I even tried setting every text which was remotely related to the actionbar, to color white. And guess what? The goddamn background became white an the text STILL had a black color.
    I.... I can't even...
    My coworker made fun of my sighs after every failed attempt.

    Well like I said, I'll try again. On monday

    EDIT: also using toolbar right now isn't an option because of, you guessed it, legacy code. I introduced material design, so that should give you an idea, how much work I have left...
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