What is the first programming language you must start with?

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    I started with ruby, but I guess for youth is better ti start with BASIC or Pascal. They're easy ti read and understand. And for adults I guess C# or something like that
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    @marjanovicsteva how about going with python?
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    Start with C. You will always be grateful for knowing C.
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    I think native, browser-based JavaScript (zero workflow, zero tools) is the easiest to start with, because any device you would use to program in any other language probably also has a web browser ready to go. In fact, most people carry a browser environment around on their person all day (a smartphone). Since JS is the most ubiquitous environment to learn in, there is hardly ever a moment when you don't have access to tinker around with it!
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    HTML ;-)
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    @GC97 you beat me to it 😂
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    My first language was C. Now every other language seems easier and bloated. Except ASM.
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    @innovati Yup I'd say either JavaScript or PHP :)
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    I started with Visual Basic 6... Fancy for Learning....
    My favourite language for begin is C or C++
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    Go for c if you're going to c/c#/Java /c ++ later.
    My language was little bit of vb. Then basic Java. Real understanding started with c then c++(University) and c#(job)
    It forces you do understand what your doing.
    Python is a bad starting language in my opinion because if you always work with "number a =3" and "number b =2,4" you won't understand that easily what's the difference between floating poits and flat numbers is.
    Or what a const variable aurally mean.

    C++ is rather unpractical because of the much 'undefined behavior' and overall complexity.

    My opinion and is based on "education purpos".

    Practically speaking: well if you know nothing about c dialects: python is the one with the least effort to get the job done (E. G. Transform a math problem to code: C-guy 'can these problem have comma-numbers?' math guy: number is a number the fuck I care if floating point or not. Just take the best at the actual calculation. - latter works with python wonderfully "
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    @lihram my opinion too. If you will use it or not. C will teach you best.
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    I'll go for Python everytime. It's a perfect and still lightweight language if you consider only the standard library. You can progress from simple scripts through powerful frameworks to creating C extensions and wrapping libs. Python is like a road with lights showing you pretty much every direction if you open your eyes.

    It's like the "middle" ground for everything I'd say - backend, front, apps, scripts, wrapping, general glue with the easiest way to go step by step a level lower in the sense of languages.

    I don't think there's any other lang with such possibilities. Java is too... too javaesque, C++ will slap you with the door and ran you over with a tricycle, Javascript is maybe usable out of the browser but personally I wouldn't give my life for it and Pascal, well, that lang seems more antique than ASM to me, but I still like it... sometimes. Neither of them can replace Python's community though. Wherever you go, there's a Python community.
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    I started with C and had no problems
    My classmates however had many (they're dumb), they had trouble particularly with the syntax ( {}; etc) and dfferences between variables (ints floats bools etc)
    I think python or Ruby are a good choice, easy syntax and weak types.. I think that for beginner stuff is the best
    JavaScript might be ok too but... I don't like it and I never used it seriously
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