There is some sort of Problem with the CSS of your site... @dhanvi

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    See this also... And FYI, this is not my internet issue... I get a good 100mbps down...
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    @aayusharyan when I get some time I will have to redo with some other stack

    this one was based on a template.

    Does it look the same on Chrome/Firefox on a desktop? I agree that it should have been responsive but didn't bother much

    PS: Thanks for looking into my profile, i thought no one usually cares!
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    @dhanvi Yes, same on any Other Browser... Just thought to let you know... I mean, this might save an embarrassing moment if your client/boss sees this...

    P.S. - devRant is an awesome community... ;-)
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    #id {
    background-size: 100%;

    #bg {
    background: #2C2C2C url("images/bg.jpg") center/cover;

    That'll fix it.

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    Whoops, sorry. That #id is actually #bg as well. I was thinking "# and id" and it became #id 😂
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    Lol this is a theme from HTML5UP
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    @H1ghTech yes it is!
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