Other: "You know the app you're going to develop for us?"

Me: "Yes."

Other: "Can you give me access to it so I can take some screenshots for writing the guidance?"

Me: "Err.. Well not really as it doesn't actually exist yet..."

Why do I have to deal with such people.

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    Maybe because these ppl want to parallelize the processes.

    If it happens often: try some prototyping tools (like axure - there a more just Google what fits best )
    You can first "drag drop" the gui, implement very fast minimal logic (login, click here brings me there) and show how it will work.
    - customer /manager can see and proof of it will work
    - designer can start the real work
    -backend can do the Logic easier
    - handbook /guide can be already made - of the gui elements stay more or less the same (e g. Same place/shape)

    - less misunderstandings
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    @Daniil great idea in theory, but given they haven't even finished providing requirements anything I prototype would be based on guess work and incomplete knowledge.
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    Ohw... Well... No words then
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