In 2004 my mom decided to put Ethernet cables into the walls of our house, which is very awesome. Now i found out that the're Cat6!

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    Buy that woman a box of chocolates for me will ya?
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    Epic mother.
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    Then the question is, what type of Cat6 is it? What quality is it? Because wrong type and bad quality will give you shit connection
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    Coolest mom award goes to...
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    Cat 6 was out in 2004? Crazy
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    @ChainsawBaby Does not matter. The maximum range is below 30 meters, so still 10GBits, and crosstalk isnt really a problem at home. Im not running a datacenter.

    Also I am running Gigabits over it for two years now. Connection is flawless and NICs are the bottleneck.
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