Dear coworker,
when I asked: "So, how does it work?", I didn't expect the answer to be: "Well, you push this button, wait three seconds and when it's finished, this LED turns on."
I was hoping for a more in-depth description (like, the way you'd consider me to be seriously interested in your work or learning from you) along the lines of "Well, you see, I have written this CLI-Tool here, which connects to the adapter and parses the contents of the file via serial interface to the on-board controller. This controller performs an integrity check of the device and then decides whether to flash or not. The testing unit itself checks if its being programmed with the right parameters."
Of course I know how a programming device works but I was interested in your solution in this special case ... so I think I'll just check the doc later if there'll ever be some.

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    Welcome to devrant!
    and yes - this is how *normal* people think electronics "work".
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    @magicMirror Thank you. :)
    Sadly, neither one of us is "normal" people. Or so I thought ...
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    @nin0x03 I wouldn't try to take it too personally/seriously, just in case he's been shut down too many times when trying to explain something technical to non-technical people. Happens to me all the time. I start nerding out on something tech related and start excitedly explaining the interworkings; just to have someone I'm talking to get that "eyes glazed over" thousand-mile stare. The worst though is friends and family, cause they 'ain't got no time' for my tech-shit and they will be damned to sit there and let me tell them about it. They usually just cut me off and say things like wrap it up or what's the short version of this novel? I've been caught accidentally doing the same thing to other tech savvy people cause I've been taught over time that most people don't care about it. What ever it may be.
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    @zymk Nah, I won't - been working in tech long enough - but thanks, I'd wished someone told me exactly this some years ago. :)

    It was an overall frustrating day and that explanation was probably the point where I felt even not understood by my colleague thus resulting in this rant. Otherwise, we "nerd out" to great lengths some times, so I got this going for me which is nice.
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