So I'm on vacation right now to visit family. I received an email from the head of department that, due to our department getting 7 new hires in one day, the seating arrangement has been changed.

My new seat is next to this one developer who's old enough to be my dad. He's a very nice guy and all, but the problem is he burps ALL. THE. TIME. I've never met anybody more gassy. His burps don't stink, thank God, but they're loud enough that it's seriously jarring.

You know how us devs can be completely in the zone until some marketing dickbag taps you on the shoulder and asks you to check your email or help with something that is absolutely not your job and you completely lose all focus and have to start over? Its exactly like that, except it happens every 10 minutes.

Another thing is, my back is now facing away from the wall, towards the rest of the office. The nearest section to mine is management. That means that anybody, including the CEO, can walk up right behind me and see what I'm doing at all times.

I really hate that. Id much rather be next to the wall to have some sort of privacy. Somehow sitting next to burpy guy is still the thing I'm most annoyed about though.

I tried to ask for a different seat, but my manager effectively said that I have no choice but to sit there because that guy is part of my team, and teammates should sit together. He forgot about the fact that, while the work him and I do is indeed related, I've been working on a solo project for the past few months and I don't need to be next to anybody in particular because I'm the only one working on this thing. Theoretically, I could sit in the toilet with my laptop and get my work done just fine. Maybe when I talk to him face to face in the office I can convince him to have some mercy on me.

The bright side is I'm very excited about meeting those 7 new hires I mentioned. They seem to be smart, capable people so I look forward to working with them and learning from them. Every cloud has a silver lining. 😊

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    Is your coworker named Rick!?
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    Commenting for possible further information in reply to that first comment 😄
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    Nop, it isn't, but it's oddly comforting knowing there's a guy out there named Rick that fits the description. At least someone else knows my pain 😅😅
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    @shereefer you don't watch Rick and Morty, do ya? XD
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    Glad that I'm not alone that I'm annoyed when my colleague randomly knock on the table, or yawn, or hum random awkward tunes...
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    I feel sorry for you. And I understand your situation. Regarding the burps, listen to music. That's what I do.
    Regarding the monitor facing against the wall, I have no suggestion beside to talk to "Rick" . ;) :P
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    Hang a mirror on the wall
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