I love automating things and tomorrow I will finish automating yet another repetitive work freeing not only IT stuff but some admins and moderators too. It feels satisfying but at the same time w/ each next automation I am going closer to the moment where I'll no longer be needed...

but then again I have to hop before that moment...just need to sacrifice some of my free time and start poking the market again...

some time soon...

and since this is in the question section, how do u feel about the automation and all

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    I think maybe the trick is to be doing a bit more automation than you are telling everybody you are doing?
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    @spongegeoff huh? like afterwork?
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    @We3D Perhaps I'm lucky - well, I know I am - I'm not monitored, only have to see a few reports issued and complete projects in whatever time I think is appropriate. If I automate part of my job, no-one else needs to know.
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    Automation is never ending as adaption is always needed.
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    @spongegeoff except 4 d monitoring ( the guys started remote just now ) I don't have deadlines too and they got used to my pace if work now so they quit the micromanagement too... If only I get a promotion I can stay here for as long I'm needed, so I'm not complaining and have never actually been in such a situation where the bosses can't offer tasks, but still the firm is not that big and it's a probable scenario in the future ;)
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