Day 3 (or 4), Seems like my medical state is getting worse. Between my ass cheeks its a bit swollen, lump and very red. It hurts on touch and especially when i sit on it. I have to lean forward when i sit to avoid sitting on that lump

I mean, it sounds extremely horrible when you read it like that lol but Trust. It aint that bad as it sounds. If it was really bad I'd be flying to doctor. I just thought it was gonna go away by itself but sitting on my ass is just making it worse and more red...

I guess I'll have to get my ass cheeks checked. What a good way to show all these companies who rejected me my ass cheeks so they can kiss it just the way it is red and lumpish. Bunch of cocksuckers asscheek lickers fuck off

Btw does anyone wanna see my ass cheeks and see how red it is? Lmk I'll post a link in comments

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    Maybe you have shingles. Is it a burning pain?
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    @spongessuck nah there's no pain by default. Only when you touch it or when i sit on it and therefore make pressure. But the pain is lightweight i guess.. sometimes i "jump-sit" on my couch totally forgetting about it and then it hurts really badly. I have to be gentle when i sit. And leaning forward while sitting doesnt hurt at all (which is good because i straighten my spine)

    I am 95% sure this was caused due to way too many hours sitting on my ass at the computer or possibly sitting on that one spot which has now caused a blood cloth... What a dumbass way to cause health problems

    Just googled what the fuck shingles is. I do not have shingles. Thats a rash. I have no rash. I have a lump which has now turned red on my skin. The lump is not visible by the eye but you can feel it when you touch it
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    The sysAdmin in charge your brain haven't set the proper filters at all ! Man you don't need to log your PITA in such details.
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    Definitely hemorrhoids. Doesn't matter how much you think it's fine, it's not gonna go away. You're just having placebo effect by saying all that shit. Go find a surgeon and do the damn surgery. I had one as well when I went full work from home and was sitting all day long. Lesson learnt, never sit still for too long.
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    Some will fix with application of a cream that shrinks them, available from any pharmacist. Healthy lifestyle makes it less likely you get them, but it's always possible.
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