So, I'm a Jr. Webdev started one year ago to work on a €200mln. retail platform. Our development team consists out of my Sr. dev who designed the whole platform and it's basically his baby. Now he's leaving and it's expected from me to do new developments, support, meetings with managers from all over Europe, roll-outs in new countries, deal with all the issues SAP has, eat their bullshit when they can't upload a .csv file because they are too stupid to check for missing leading zeros. Listen to important their new functions are that they want because 120% of the salespeople needs it. How stupid can this company be to take the financial risk? I'm done.

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    Do your best, great opportunity! I know a 25 year old who has 3 years experience and is running a multi million pound companies Dev department making projects for multimillion dollar companies around the world (an amazing guy). Don't underestimate your capabilities, you can do it!
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    We belive you can. Just because will be a shitstorm doesnt mean u should quit
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    @CogInTheWheel @FintinaM I do have the trust in myself that I can possibly do it. The thing is that it has become a support role, besides from being it a really interesting developer role in the beginning.
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    So, how are you enjoying your new remastered self?
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    We believe in you
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    It seems pretty hard but just explain what you can/can't do and do your best :) it'll be worth it and is a good opportunity!

    Best of luck!!!
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    Just bend over, grit your teeth and think of something nice.
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    If they have that much money they should hire new people
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    Think of it this way: you have them over a barrel now so it's a good time to ask politely but firmly for a promotion...
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