Guys how hard it is to get a good job in software dev department without a cs degree?

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    It depends on the company, position responsibilities and experience. Do you have any projects that you can show or experience working in IT in general outside of being a dedicated dev?
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    I'm curious as well
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    Actually i am in 2nd year of my btech and my branch is completely different to cs i studying cs as minor but i am liking it very much and wants to pursue a carrer in it.Any sugestion? @turturtles
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    @Sangharsh in case you are in India the tier 3 companies may hire you for some CS work although I won't recommend that, still u may find it easily...
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    Well you start off by selling your soul to the devil, moving to a country with a declining population (like Germany), sort job listings by desperateness and then through some luck you may get a good job without a cs degree.

    I'm kidding of course.

    It's not that easy.
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