Every university in the world should have an A4 paper on the front of the main entrance door with big bolded text that says


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    Nothing is going to guarantee a job. It's not exactly mind blowing revelation. But every bit helps, including having a degree
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    Isn’t it common sense?
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    @aviophile > "Isn’t it common sense?"

    One would think so, but not here. I don't know 100%, but I would bet we've passed on great people simply because they didn't have a degree or it didn't come from a 'prestigious' college.

    In our local MeetUp group, there is a dev who got his CS experience in the Navy (no formal degree) and would talk about how difficult it was just to get an interview. It's the whole "Rambo" speech about being responsible for million dollar combat systems, but can't get a job creating a shopping cart.

    We've hired folks with their master's in computer science I wouldn't trust putting McNuggets in the little boxes.
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    @PaperTrail @Hazarth @aviophile i grew up among friends teachers parents grandparents etc and everyone kept telling me to go to school get a college degree and you'll get a job without problems. In fact many (if not all) keep saying this even today and on tiktok. Some guy working in san francisco earning 150k a year keeps giving advice recommending to go to college because it's a definite 100% bulletproof path to getting a job. As if you have nothing to lose by wasting 4+ years of your life for a bullshit paper.

    It was all a lie.
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    @b2plane > "teachers parents grandparents etc and everyone kept telling me to go to school get a college degree and you'll get a job without problems."

    It wasn't a lie, for them at that time. Consider their teachers, parents, and grandparents. My great-great relatives lived in abject poverty. The only way to get out of poverty was going to school, learning a trade, and/or starting your own business.

    At at time, going to school was almost a 100% guarantee you could get a job.

    Now, I tell my 16 year old daughter to only go to college if she wants to (and/or her desired occupation requires it, like a veterinarian)

    Starting her own business (which she is leaning towards), a 4+ year degree is a waste of time and money.
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    @PaperTrail thats also true. A degree might have been worth getting in the 80s and 90s (and below) when internet wasn't developed much. Now that we have access to any information worldwide what is the point of getting a degree that teaches me useless outdated bullshit from 80s and 90s
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    A degree does not guarantee a job. It's supposed to teach you the basics so you can demonstrate basic proficiency.

    Just like you have a degree, other 200 people do. And that's every year.

    If you want to ensure hire ability, *work on that*.

    Prove that you are the wheat among the chaff, and you will have absolutely no trouble.

    But that takes less ranting, and more dedication and effort. This career requires effort every step of the way, it *never* ended with a degree.
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    Noone I know says getting a degree gives you a job.

    There are two things you need to get a job. If one is missing work on that.
    A) learn to sell yourself
    B) actually be good at the one thing you want to get hired for

    Both are equally important. A is even more important than B sadly.

    Life advice from TikTok aka Influencer and Teachers can be discarded. One is a business build on fame/luck. The other one never left school/college. If you want to become a teacher or influencer than maybe listen to them.
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    its like saying every person in the world should wear a headband that says "trying to woo me isn't going to guarantee you an orgasm" and "sure, relationships were important in the 80s and 90s. but today the internet has so much evolved that my hand and wifi are enough for an orgasm"

    there are tasks. there are stupid tasks . a man has to do them to answer their existence
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    @dotenvironment not only are universities not teaching anything about money or building a business within tech world, they also don't guarantee getting a job. Who the fuck is dumb enough to think that's such a great idea?
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