I'm absolutely loving the fact that my university is making me take their intro to programming course this fall when I've taken 5 programming classes in high school and already have intro to programming credits from a different university. Did I mention that I passed the AP Computer Science exam before taking even more courses? Do they not understand that I do in fact understand how to use recursion(the most advanced topic in their intro course) and don't need to spend a semester relearning what I already know? For Christ's sake they don't even get into OOP in that course.

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    It means easy credits. Most Unis are like that.
    Also - you can help the girls with thier homework 😉.
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    Hahaha thats funny. I was a professional for 5 years before i took intro programming classes. Point of me telling you this is to let you know that's very common in this field
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    My university is about to do this.
    In my faculty (computer game multimedia). Normally, in semester 1. We have to learn programming (pretty basic introduction to programming) but they will make us take a final test at start to extract those who already know programming that is higher level than that course and if we pass, they will make us "A" automatically and those who pass can ditch that course entirely and still got "A". the reason they do this cuz they want people that already know this stuff to get in to the startup competition. so if I pass, more free time and energy to do those stuff.
    (They still discussing whether to use this method.)
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