So it's summer holiday now, and I'm working about 3 days a week doing some c++ qt stuff. Why does everyone I talk to tell me I should "take it easy" or "enjoy my freedom" instead of "working so hard". I'd be bored out of my mind if I didn't (no I do not have a social life, nor do I enjoy basking on a beach burning cancer into my skin in some foreign country). In short, I dislike the dutch mentality of throwing away your money each summer holiday to be bored in another country for a week and telling everyone who doesn't off.

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    Yeah I sort of share the same view, but I don't mind socialising here and there.

    Often people who tell you to not work as much strongly dislike their own jobs and find it hard to comprehend someone enjoying work.
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    @drRoss I don't mind it either, but that's what I have four days of spare time for. I'm jusy not very good at it ;s.
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    Me too.
    Should exist a PEP8 for every language...
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    @wolt I don't seem to have that issue, just continue where I left off. No side projects.
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    We don't code specifically because we want to kill ourselves with work, we do it as a passion. Why have a job that you don't love right?
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    High five!
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