One day, one of my clients asked me to re-design their website that is running on Wix. I thought It was not a big deal... Just a couple fucking drag-drops & boom.

But while designing, I realized what a fucking piece of shit Wix developers made over time. I've never used to suck a disgusting website builder ever in my entire life.

I write codes to build any type of website, web app etc. I was happily living my dev life. But, after using Wix for 24 fucking hours, I hate my job as a web developer.

Wix is so bad that I lose all my confidence & doubt about my 5 years of web development career.

Fucking piece of shit.

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    That's why WordPress can celebrate their 20th anniversary, at least the manage to suck less than other low-code systems.

    I haven't seen them all. I did some adjustments of a WebFlow site (feasible unless you need JavaScript beyond onclick=...), but Wix is worse definitely!
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    It is absolutely garbage, even just trying to center some elements, it sucks. Less time is wasted doing it in CSS. Wordpress is better for a lot of things, but managing plugins and keeping tracks of uncompatibilities is painful.
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    I feel you so much. I wrote a rant on wix a few days ago... This fucking piece of shit software.
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