...i earned $1000 and i feel luxurious as if i can buy the whole world... And in fact with this much money (worth over 100,000 in my currency) i can buy a Lot of stuff....i cant believe i sank so low in life where 1000$ for me is a luxurious amount of money..... I earned it and im still depressed because i just realized i had been fighting over these interviews and getting rejected for just 500-600$ a month minimum wage... And now when i earned twice as much i realized even twice of that isn't anything special... I need a 5-6 figure salary to feel happy and not depressed. Im not asking for millions. I need a liveable life and not a survival slave life...

The saddest part is: i earned more than x2 of minimum wage by being unemployed and developing a side business than i have earned working a 9-5 job

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    > 5-6 figure salary

    From my European POV, getting a 6-figure salary (yearly & before tax obviously) is unusual even for quite advanced positions (e.g. tech lead in a mediums sized software company, 10 years experience).
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    @saucyatom thats absolutely unfair and insane. That means all of us are underpaid at least x10 below our worth. This is the only reason i dont plan to work a job till the day i die and be a dev forever. As much as i like dev job i also like to go to vacation and live my life and not just work 24/7 like a robot. But i cant do that with less than 1000$ month slave salary. Earning 3 figures a month cant even buy me a decent car... Im working intensely on another way to escape this hellhole of rat race
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    @b2plane I'm not saying that your work shouldn't be compensated better, but let's be realistic: You're not going to be paid 100k USD (equivalent) for an average position in Germany, by far, with presumably relatively higher costs of living than Serbia. Nor do you have to to live a decent life.

    What I'm trying to say is: You might have good reasons to rant about being underpaid (I don't know your work so it's difficult to judge), but saying that you need a unicorn salary to be happy seems a bit dramatic.
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    @saucyatom i think I'd be content with 50-60k a year usd. By having that much I'd be able to leverage it to earn more through investments and buy my first car. but getting to that level seems impossible where i live
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    And yet, while maybe in Germany/uk and such that might be more common, here in Spain you'd be paid quite above market rate for your experience, so no wonder they would reject you if that's what you are asking for.

    Only exceptional people would get there, much less 6 figures.
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    @CoreFusionX im asking for 18k a year. A company spending millions of dollars PER MONTH, thinks spending 18,000$ PER YEAR is way too much? Are you fucking with me?
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    No. I'm not fucking with you.

    You can check your last comment right above saying you'd be content with 50-60k USD/year...
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    @CoreFusionX thats true. Right now i wouldnt work for less than 18k. So starting from there all the way up to 50-60 and id be fine with it
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