In my neighborhood, a 15-year-old girl identified herself as an adult man because of her LGBTQ friend circle, Right now her parents are taking her to psychiatrists!
Now, I don't know what to say. what are my thoughts and emotions regarding the present state of society?
That LGBTQ nonsense goes out of hand.

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    the present state of society is objectively wrong and controlled by crazy people.

    That's what I think
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    This is what is happening right now, we have to take action to forbid mutilation!
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    @priyanshu-zeon This is not the forum to have discussions like this. You may consider taking this to Reddit or something.

    Also, @dakkarant you may wanna re-read what you typed. We shouldn't need to explain how dumb you sound.
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    @Sid2006 Please, by all means, explain to me which part of "Don't stick your nose in people's personal business" sounds dumb?
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    @Sid2006 Really apologize for that, should I delete the thread?
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    But I also agree with @Sid2006 , this isn't the forum for this.
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    @priyanshu-zeon Hey man look, do what you want. I can't tell you what to do, but I meant what I said.

    There are many things wrong with society (Get a load of this society). But for forums like DevRant, this isn't the place for it. You wanna rage over how PHP or JS sucks, we will hear you.

    It's like watching Dr Witnesser's stream where he talks about Christianity and Jesus on a random Fortnite Twitch game session.
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    @priyanshu-zeon do not take it to Reddit

    and do not let someone make you shut up, talk and do as you wish.

    Human Rights:

    - right of freedom of thought

    JUST USE THE OFFTOPIC part of devrant for it, not the RANT section
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    Children say and want to be all sorts of things. Some want to be astronauts, some hear something about LGBTQ and think they want to be that because it sounds cool or something.

    Taking the girl to the psychiatrist because she wants to become an astronaut, princess, or LGBTQ man is just a kneejerk panic reaction of overcautious parents that are waaaaaay too fearful.
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    Talk about what you want. Maybe put !Dev if not dev related.

    I see a lot of grade school kids thinking it is cool to be trans. It is bizarre and definitely doesn't reflect objective reality. We also found pro trans material in our kids grade school library. In my opinion this crap doesn't belong in schools.

    I see a push in Minecraft mods, modpacks, and launchers pushing the LGBTQ agenda at kids as well.

    If anyone has paid attention to the Bud Light fiasco they will see that society (at least in the USA) is starting to push back hard against this. I don't know what will happen with that but Target is starting to see what pushing this will cost them. The negative response is massive.

    Most people were okay with coexisting. What they are not okay with is the indoctrination of children. This will cost all the gains the LGBTQ community fought for.
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    @Hazarth "the present state of society is objectively wrong and controlled by crazy people." - true, but you can say that about almost any state of society. and you gotta say it about _all_ of society, because there's idiots all around.
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    @Oktokolo I don't believe a 15-year-old girl should be considered a child. I know she's not fully grown up, but once a child crosses 13 years old, they start understanding what's right and wrong. It's understandable for parents to be worried about how their child will turn out. The most concerning part is when she starts thinking she's an adult man. What if she goes to the men's restroom? Is that appropriate?
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    Man…. Remember when this place used to be about actual code and things that bothered your WORK DAY? Good times… now it’s the people being offended by everything thing while they complain about others being offended.. ight, think imma delete devRant soon… between Jase, avaturdofkaine, and the people who have a problem if someone isn’t cis, white, blue eyed and blonde lol 🤷‍♂️ when we get back to actual code lemme know
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