Almost got caught taking taking a nap haha

Lately I've been taking it easy since the work I've been doing has been super easy and boring.

So I was just lying in bed watching some youtube video.

When it ended I decided it might be a good time to check my laptop and see if there was a message.


When I joined, there was only one person. It was a bit hard to tell if he just didn't quit the meeting since I was expecting another person on the call haha.

Then I checked the invite list. Oh, he declined.

Oh shit. My manager was supposed to be on the call too.

Upon further inspection. He said he was 15 minutes late.

So he didn't catch me slacking off haha.

Otherwise I'd for sure miss the "you coming?" message since I turned off slack notifications on my phone and he'd think I take off an hour on fridays regularly.

Not easy to slack off, haha

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    I've missed 80% of my meetings.

    No one gave a fuck, beside the usual IM reminder, that I deliberately ignore.

    It's simple. The meeting went on alright, yes?

    Probably didn't solve the real issue, but wouldn't have even if I were there, because they'd been too busy bickering about useless bullshit to pay attention.

    Hence why you wait for them to schedule a 1:1 with you and then deal with whatever is left of their hubris.
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    "sorry I was having a shit. Can send proof of you want"
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    Too many haha
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    5 minutes? I'm late 5 minutes to meetings even if I'm in the office.
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    Regularly missing calls because notifications are very easy missable
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    @msdsk It's expected in the office as people have to travel to the meeting room.

    When WFH. At least at my current place. Nobody shows up a second too early but generally join within the first minute
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