Watching police interrogation videos right now, the channel called “EXPLORE WITH US”. Goddamn, US police/investigator system is _way_ ahead of russia’s. You can remain silent, you can just refuse to testify, and the interrogation will be over, they use REID technique, other tricks to make people talk without resorting to violence. In russia, they either torture you into admission, or straight up put you to jail and that’s it. They don’t want justice, they want to put someone in jail, guilty or not, and call it a day. Case solved, good job guys.

And yes, I realize MKULTRA existed, I realize there is Guantanamo Bay prison where terrible things happen, I realize US system is far from perfect, and accidents happen, there are very bad cops, etc., but in general, US system is a paragon of humanity compared to what happens in russia.

If the US system looks good compared to something, you know that something is truly fucked up.

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    REID is still torture designed to get confessions no matter what - it just is purely psychological.

    Same for Guantanamo Bay: Still a Gulag - just more "civilized" with torture that doesn't leave easy-to-spot physical marks...

    Not sure, whether Russian police uses psychology at all. Maybe, in Russia you have to be physically buffed to take the beating and just don't confess. In the US you have to be mentally stable to avoid confessing. Lots of people just aren't mentally stable. Maybe you heared of mental disorders that make people question their memory or makes them anxious. Such people and adolescents are highly likely to confess when using REID as designed - whether they actually did it or not doesn't matter.

    In that sense: Cops are cops. They really like confessions and they don't question their gut feeling. If they think, you did it, they'll do what they can and dare to get that sweet confession. Different countries have different "preferred" victim profiles though.
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    The US media has been using mind control techniques for decades on the public. This is a pattern I noticed CNN doing 20 years ago.

    I was watching CNN reporter asking a Israeli spokesman about a missile attack in Palestine.

    1. The reporter asks a question.

    2. Before the person can respond the reporter makes an emotional statement: "the poor children were killed".

    3. Then the reporter answers the question inserting their own bias of the situation.

    Once I saw that pattern I saw it repeated all over the place. Years later I learned about how hypnosis works. One of the techniques is the shock the person who is in a very relaxed state. Snapping the fingers is a technique used. Then the hypnotist inserts a command or statement. The shock bypasses the subconscious barrier. The command or statement is not filtered normally by the subconscious barrier.

    So in effect I have seen the MSM like CNN using hypnosis techniques on their viewers.
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    Fear is another method. Keep the people fearful and you can get them to believe or follow someone who looks like an authority figure. I remember in the 80s it was constant bombardment on the TV of how the Russians have a huge nuclear stockpile and they are going to blow up the whole world.

    This is mass population control and manipulation. Anytime you see someone selling fear it is because they want something out of you.
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    @Oktokolo @Demolishun still better than red hot soldering iron in your rectum or 220v mains connected to your balls. Both are real cases
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    @kiki Sure. Getting literally burned to death while chained to a bed in a prison cell can also happen - if your skin color is on the darker side (or if you are gay) and the warden is a nazi. Made big news a few years ago in Germany as a pretty odd "suicide" - lots of investigation and someone actually got fined... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

    "suicides" in the western world do not involve windows as much as on the other side of the iron curtain. We are also more "civilized". When we torture our victims we make sure that there is some legal backup or some formal "plausible" deniability. When in doubt, it always was a "terrorist" or pretty elaborate "suicide". If the coverup fails real hard, the most that happens is a symbolic fine for the torturer/murderer - but overall, the scum always keeps eachother's back.

    Don't think that humans are more humane here. We got plenty of psychos too and positions of power attract those psychos like flies - here as there.
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