I finally did it ! Bought a 10 Gbits network card.

(You can search prev rants on it. My internet connexion became almost unlimited and I felt that 2300 Mbits were bottlenecked by 2.5 Gbits card).

And yes, I have more speed now !!!!

Do I need it ? Nop.

But as long as my line stays in this "unlimited" mode, I want to use it !

3200 Mbits !!! Ping goes to 2 instead of 1 tho. With "old" 2.5 Gbits card I always had 1.


Edit : Added screenshot for lazy people

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    Can I ask how much it costs and why?
    Are you hosting a server yourself?
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    @K-ASS It cost me 55 USD / month.

    It's only via a technical error of my ISP.

    Once by error, they removed the limit on my line.

    I pay for 1 g down, 750 M up.

    Then I got a 2.5 card and felt limited, now with 10 G I can see a limit by provider. So not ulimited, there is a hard limit lol

    I don't have servers at home (Just plex, for personal use and familly).

    I do not even need this type of speed, but it's fucking fun to have it
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    @NoToJavaScript that’s actually quite cheap, I pay the same price and only get 1/10th the speed
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    pardon my language,

    but why
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    Sir I understand and respect your decision. You are a hero in my book. Let me know if it will remain in the "unlimited" mode.
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    @gitstashio so far still unlimited
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    @thebiochemic Cuase, free :) Do I need it ? Nop. Fun having it tho
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